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Ways To Save

There are many ways to receive discounts on items at Zeus.  Here are a few:


1.  Subscribe to the newsletter.  Newsletters are sent out frequently and each newsletter contains a promotional code that you can use when you checkout.  Each promotional code provides substantial savings on each item in your order.  The codes are valid until the next newsletter comes out.

2.  Create an account.  Registered account holders automatically receive discounts on every order placed.  This is in addition to the promotional codes which you can also use.  

3.  Post a positive review of Zeus on another website (other than Zeus) and you can get a DVD for free.  You must send me an email at milo@zeusdvds.com with the link to the review at the website.  The review must be published and visible. The free DVD is any DVD on the website of your choice (TV series do not apply).  It can be sent alone or in conjunction with an order.  You must be a registered customer and the review must be of a DVD that you have purchased from Zeus.

4.  If you are faculty at a University or College or a school teacher, let me know (use your edu or school district email address) and you can save in addition to the other ways of saving.  I strongly support teachers and want to make materials as affordable as possible.  I am currently providing educational discounts to the following:

  1. Community College System Of New Hampshire
  2. Ohio Northern University
  3. California State University, Fresno
  4. East Carolina University
  5. University of Louisville
  6. Florida International University
  7. Huntington Beach Union High School District
  8. McMaster University
  9. Stanford University
  10. Michigan State University
  11. New York University
  12. Lenoir County Public Schools
  13. University of Virginia
  14. University of South Carolina
  15. Hamilton College
  16. Loyola Academy
  17. Regis University
  18. Colorado College
  19. Rice University
  20. Luther Seminary

5. Trades.  I trade with collectors.  Send me your list.  I can usually find something for trade.

6. Film industry discounts.  If you work in the film industry, let me know about it.  Tell me what your needs are and I may setup a discount program for you.  I currently support trade discounts for the following:

  1. Toronto Jewish Film Festival
  2. Theatre Research Inc.
  3. Yankee Hill Productions