About Me

Zeus is a large film archives and I am Milo the proprietor. I have over 75,000 films in the archives currently and am working to get them listed as soon as possible. New films are listed every day and you can find them on the home page.  Many of these films are obscure and very rare and are only preserved as direct film transfers. Many collectors out there are looking for these titles for many reasons, either for academic purposes, for cinephile completists, and former or familial involvement with the films.

I strive to get orders out in a timely manner, however that is relative to the volume of orders. I am a one-man operation and sometimes it can take a while to get to all of the orders. Please take that into consideration and have patience with me.  Orders are currently taking 1 to 2 weeks to ship.

I love to set up accounts with academia. If you are a faculty member at a university, please let me know if you want to set up an account. You can pay monthly for your requests, however I do require a certain volume of orders for a purchase order. I will also discount for high-volume purchases, so your monthly invoices will save you money over individual purchases.  Discounts are also available for faculty.  Look at the Ways To Save page for details.  I want to make these materials easily available to those who are teaching film history.

The archive is global including films from almost every country. Many are in their original format and do not have English subtitles.  If the listing does not say whether there are subtitles just ask me and I will let you know and also update the listing.

All DVDs offered are in NTSC format and will play in all DVD players worldwide.

This is my business which started as a hobby and now that I am retired I am sharing my love of these films with you.  I want you to feel like you can have a steady relationship with me and continue to offer the kind of movies you are looking for.  I hope you will continue to come back and look at what is available for you.

zeusdvds@comcast.net, 305-974-7124.