Fig Leaves (1926) DVD

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Fig Leaves (1926)


 Howard Hawks


 Howard Hawks (story), Louis D. Lighton


 George O'Brien, Olive Borden, Phyllis Haver
Fig Leaves is historically important as the earliest extant film of director Howard Hawks. A partial parody of the Cecil B. DeMille historical spectacles, the film opens in the Garden of Eden, where Adam (George O'Brien) tries to read his morning paper (a stone tablet, a la The Flintstones) while Eve (Olive Borden) complains that she has nothing to wear. As Adam goes to work on the 9:15 dinosaur, Eve is led down the road to perdition by a friendly snake. Flash forward to 1926: Eve Smith (Borden again) complains that she has no decent clothes, whereupon her best friend Alice (the "snake" counterpart, played by Phyllis Haver) suggests that the heroine take a job as fashion model, thereby securing herself a free wardrobe. Catching his wife in a state of dishabille at a fancy dress shop, Adam Smith (O'Brien again) angrily declares that he never wants to see her again. Adam forgives Eve after witnessing a cat-fight between his wife and the troublesome Alice. Critics in 1926 were amused by the "prehistoric" contraptions in the opening scenes and enthralled by the film's Technicolor fashion-show sequence.

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