The Scarlet Car (1923) DVD

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The Scarlet Car (1923)


 Stuart Paton


 George Randolph Chester, Richard Harding Davis (story)


 Herbert Rawlinson, Claire Adams, Edward Cecil 
This political drama, based on the story by George Randolph Chester, is not related to the 1917 film of the same name. Jim Winthrop (Tom McGuire), who runs the bus line in a small town, backs Ernest Peabody (Edward Cecil) in the mayoral election. At first Winthrop's son Billy (Herbert Rawlinson) supports him, too, even though Peabody is romancing Beatrice Forbes, the girl he loves (Claire Adams). But Peabody is anything but an honorable man. He has betrayed Violet Gaynor (Norris Johnson), Winthrop's secretary. In addition, Violet knows that Peabody has offered a franchise to a rival bus company for ten thousand dollars. Her boyfriend, Mitt Deagon (Tom O'Brien), is all for exposing the crooked politician, but Billy tries to stop him until he discovers the truth. Then the two young men join forces to successfully ruin his candidacy. By now Beatrice realizes that Peabody is rotten to the core and returns to Billy. 
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