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Trade-Use Discount Program

Film industry discounts:  If you work in the film industry, let me know about it.  Tell me what your needs are and I may setup a discount program for you.  I currently support trade discounts for the following:

  1. Toronto Jewish Film Festival
  2. Theatre Research Inc.
  3. Yankee Hill Productions
  4. Entertainment Media Ventures, Inc.
  5. Phase Three Productions Inc.
  6. Teodora Film
  7. Les Bons Clients
  8. Artsberg Enterprise Ltd.
  9. Parry-Wilson Enterprises Inc.
  10. Imagery Film, Ltd.
  11. Glyptotronics
  12. CBS News Sunday Morning
  13. Activision Publishing, Inc.
  14. Herzog & Company
  15. Lappen Enterprises, Inc.
  16. American International Pictures LLC
  17. The CD Source Inc.
  18. Celluloid Improvisations
  19. Lion Heart Filmworks
  20. Paycom Multimedia
  21. Filmbank
  22. Laserzone AG
  23. Think Again Media LLC
  24. Library Of Congress
  25. WUN Enterprises
  26. Gracie Films