A Song For Miss Julie (1945) DVD

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A Song For Miss Julie (1945)


William Rowland    


Leighton Brill (adaptation),  Michael Foster (story)


Shirley RossBarton HepburnJane Farrar   
In this musical, two writers endeavor to write an innovative operetta in order to establish themselves. They end up writing a libretto about a mid-19th-century fellow with a secret past. He was a real person, and the authors begin looking to discover the nature of his secret. Later, the man's last living relative shows up and tries to stop them from producing the show. Fortunately, she eventually gives in and even lets them stage the first production in her palatial plantation manor. In the end, the show ends up a hit on Broadway. Songs include: "It All Could Have Happened Before," "What I Like About You," "The Country Ain't the Country Anymore" and "I Love to Remember" (Marla Shelton, Louis Herscher). Also included is "Bayou Calls."        

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