A Very Young Lady (1941) DVD

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A Very Young Lady (1941)


 Harold D. Schuster


 Ladislas Fodor (play), Elaine Ryan


 Jane Withers, Nancy Kelly, John Sutton 
Though it isn't obvious from the outset, A Very Young Lady is a remake of 20th Century-Fox' Girl's Dormitory; both films were based on a Hungarian play by Ladislas Fodor. Stepping into the old Simone Simon role is Jane Withers as hoydenish Kitty Russell, who is packed off to finishing school in the hopes that the experience will turn her into "a lady". Falling in love with headmaster Dr. Meredith (John Sutton), Kitty dares not express her ardor verbally, so she writes passionate love letters to the teacher, never intending to mail the mushy missives. Alas, one of the letters finds its way to Meredith's desk, resulting in a big-time scandal. It's up to teacher Alice Carter (Nancy Kelly), who also harbors a crush on Meredith, to straighten out the mess. Among other things, A Very Young Ladywas the film in which Jane Withers receives her first screen kiss (Trivia alert: the boy is played by Richard Clayton).

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