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City of Children (1949)


 John Nesbitt


 John Nesbitt
Thirty-fives miles west of Chicago lies the small town of Mooseheart, Illinois, which has many attributes of many small mid-western American towns. But its one special characteristic is that its citizens are primarily children, specifically orphans. The town was conceived in 1909 by the Loyal Order of the Moose, who wanted orphans to grow up in loving, happy homes rather than institutions and to have fun as children should in addition to learning hard work and discipline through the learning of what is traditionally considered grown-up work for their future security. Some are also provided with what is generally the privilege of upper class homes, such as private music lessons. The town's development was possible through sizable donations. Much of that money is spent on the science behind raising parent-less children, making sure that the children's well-being is foremost.

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