Come On, Marines! (1934) DVD

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Come On, Marines! (1934)


Henry Hathaway


Philip Wylie (story), Joel Sayre (screenplay)


Richard Arlen, Ida Lupino, Roscoe Karns

Philip Wylie, a writer best known for his "anti-Momism" work A Generation of Vipers, was responsible for the Paramount "leg show" Come on Marines. Lucky (Richard Arlen) and Spud (Roscoe Karns) are among the Marine troops dispatched from San Diego to the Philippines to rescue a group of "shipwrecked children." Upon their arrival, the leathernecks are both amazed and delighted to discover that the "children" are a bevy of gorgeous 18-year-old debutantes, among them such promising starlets as Ida Lupino, Toby Wing and Clara Lou (later Anne) Sheridan. The sort of silly escapist film that regularly confounds the "auteur" devotees of director Henry Hathaway, Come On, Marines was obviously made for the sole purpose of showing off its pulchritudinous female cast members in various states of undress. The film's giddy high point is leather-clad Grace Bradley's hotcha dance solo, performed before a collection of floor-length mirrors!

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