Congo Crossing (1956) DVD

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Congo Crossing (1956)


Joseph Pevney


Houston Branch (story), Richard Alan Simmons


Virginia Mayo, George Nader, Peter Lorre
George Nader stars as David Carr, a construction engineer operating in the Belgian Congo. In true jingoistic fashion, Carr wants to introduce the local natives to civilzation by re-zoning the Congotanga Falls region. Because this region is currently exempt from extradition, a small colony of fugitive criminals has sprung up. Among these worthies is suspected murderess Louise Whitman (Virginia Mayo), who like her fellow exiles would prefer that Carr not bring the region under the control of the Congolese government. One of these exiles is so anxious to get rid of Carr that he hires Chicago gunman Bart O'Connell (Michael Pate) to do the job. The supporting cast of Congo Crossing is a feast for film buffs, ranging from Peter Lorre as a cynical police inspector to Rex Ingram as a dedicated doctor.

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