Explorers Of The World (1931) DVD

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Explorers Of The World (1931)


Harold Noice


Harold McCracken (narrative), James L. Clark (narrative)


Richard E. Byrd, Harold McCracken, Gene Lamb

Had the People For Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) been around in 1931, the organization would probably have wholeheartedly approved of Explorers of the World. The film was the brainchild of Harold Noice, a well-known naturalist and longtime opponent of hunting and killing animals for sport. The "documentary" portion of the film consists of the silent camerawork of five different explorers: Harold McCracken, Gene Lamb, James L. Clark, Lt. Commander J. R. Stenhouse and Laurence M. Gould. The combined footage whisks the viewer from the Bering Sea, to the Orient, to Africa, the Antarctic, and the Amazon region of South America. Overall, the spoken reminiscences of the quintet of explorers are more fascinating than the films themselves, which tend to be on the fuzzy, murky side.

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