Hotel Haywire (1937) DVD

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Hotel Haywire (1937)


 Arthur Archainbaud


 Preston Sturges


 Leo CarrilloMary CarlisleLynne Overman
Dentist Henry Parkhouse (Lynne Overman) and his wife Minerva (Spring Byington) have a perfect marriage until a practical joke backfires and she finds a lady's chemise in his coat pocket. Wife and husband both consult Dr. Zodiac Z. Zippe (Leo Carrillo) about what to do, and vaudevillians-turned-detectives Bertie and Genevieve Sterns (Benny Baker and Collette Lyons) get involved as well. On his lawyer's advice, Henry rents a hotel room to set up a compromising situation, only the Parkhouses' daughter Phyllis (Mary Carlisle) is in the same hotel to elope with Frank Ketts (John Patterson), and plans to get married in the room next to Henry's. When Judge Sterling Newhall (Porter Hall) shows up to officiate, he knocks on Henry's door looking for a witness. Eventually, Henry and Minnie make up, Frank and Phyliis get married, and Dr. Zippe is run out of town.

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