Inchon (1981) DVD

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Inchon (1981)


 Terence Young


 Robin Moore (screenplay), Laird Koenig(screenplay)


 Laurence Olivier, Jacqueline Bisset, Ben Gazzara 
This infamous Korean War drama is best known as the movie produced by Rev. Sung Myung Moon's Unification Church, though more people seem to have read stories about its troubled production or disastrous reception at the box office than to have actually seen it: on its initial release, it grossed less than $2 million on a budget of $50 million. Starring Laurence Olivier as Gen. Douglas MacArthur (psychics reportedly told producers that the late General was happy with the casting choice), Inchon also features Ben Gazzara andJacqueline Bisset as a married couple whose relationship is tested by the trials of war, and boasts as impressive as supporting cast as money can buy, including David JanssenRichard Roundtree,Omar SharifToshiro Mifune, and Rex Reed (who was perhaps hoping for a role that could stand beside his work in Myra Breckenridge).The lavish battle scenes are staged by director Terence Young (best known for his work on several early James Bond films), and the film presents one of your only opportunities to see Olivier, the greatest actor of his generation, talk like W.C. Fields while smoking a corn-cob pipe.

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    Revived Rarity

    Posted by Daniel on Feb 4th 2024

    Good quality disc at a low price promptly shipped.

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    Don't Knock It til You've Watched It

    Posted by Tom Berner on Oct 29th 2017

    Inchon is far far better than the hype of people who haven't seen it. Yes, Olivier gives a weird performance as General MacArthur, sometimes taking the role seriously, sometimes appearing to have wandered in from a Naked Gun like parody. But Olivier is not on the screen long enough to ruin the movie. It is a good, solid "B" movie with "A" movie production values. There are several subplots. There is the war itself with the bad guys suitably bad and the good guys complex. There is a moving story involving a Colonel's estranged wife as she becomes responsible for rescuing a car load of orphans. There is the Colonel himself, torn between his love for his wife and his love for a Korean woman. There are the Korean people themselves, forming a resistance to the inexorable attack of North Korea. This is a movie worth watching, especially in the current climate in Korea.

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