Inside Evil (2006) DVD

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Inside Evil

Serial Killers Jeffrey Dahmer & Son Of Sam

They are two of the most notorious names in the history of American crime. Now NBC News brings you the inside story of serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and David Berkowitz, aka "The Son of Sam." Exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage bring new understanding to what drove these men to kill.

In "Inside Evil: Jeffrey Dahmer," Dateline NBC anchor Stone Phillips confronts Dahmer on-camera, in a prison interview about the victims he killed and cannibalized -- and the urges that drove him. In a rare interview with Dahmer's father, Phillips examines events in Dahmer's childhood that could have pushed him to murder. It's a compelling portrait of a killer and the demons deep down inside him.

In "Inside Evil: Son Of Sam," NBC News investigates the infamous serial murder case that terrorized New York City in 1977: did killer David Berkowitz have help in his crime spree, and could other murderers still be at large? Here, in rare video, "Son of Sam" speaks for himself on camera - and makes startling charges about who may really be behind some the crimes.

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