Lottery Lover (1935) DVD

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Lottery Lover (1935)


 Wilhelm Thiele


 Sig Herzig (story), Franz Schulz (screenplay)


 Lew Ayres, Pat Paterson, Peggy Fears
In their never-ending efforts to transform contract actress Pat Paterson into a major star, Fox Studios cast the lovely lady opposite such established favorites as Lew Ayres in such frothy musicals as Lottery Lover. Ayres plays American naval cadet Frank Harrington, on vacation in Paris with several pals. Harrington and company all fall in love with gorgeous music-hall entertainer Gaby Aimee (Peggy Fears), but none of them have enough money to attract her attention. The boys decide to pool their financial resources, then hold a lottery to choose one of their number to "conquer" the delectable Gaby. Poor, unworldly Harrington is selected as the titular lottery lover, whereupon good-natured chorus gal Patty (Pat Paterson) offers to educate him in the ways of romance. Perhaps it doesn't need saying that Harrington and Patty will fall in love by fadeout time, while Gaby will simply have to content herself with someone else -- namely, the boys' commanding officer Captain Payne (Reginald Denny). Pat Paterson's rise to stardom ended shortly after Lottery Lover when she retired upon her marriage to movie heartthrob Charles Boyer.
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