Love, Honor and Goodbye (1945) DVD

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Love, Honor And Goodbye (1945)


 Albert S. Rogell


 Art Arthur (story), Albert S. Rogell (story)


 Virginia Bruce, Edward Ashley, Victor McLaglen
The trouble begins when glamorous Broadway actress Roberta Baxter (Virginia Bruce) signs for her latest play. She proceeds to spend far too much time at rehearsals, and far too little time with her attorney husband William (Edward Ashley). Even so, it is Roberta who eventually walks out on William, claiming that he's been neglecting her! The nonplussed William gives Roberta's room to an unemployed tatoo artist named Terry (Victor McLaglen) and Terry's preteen ward Sally (Jacqueline Moore). Hoping to get grounds for divorce, Roberta returns to her apartment, posing as a French governness for Sally. The fact that William doesn't seem to recognize Roberta when she starts to flirt with him should be indication enough of the film's credibility level. 
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