Marriage Is A Private Affair (1944) DVD

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Marriage Is A Private Affair (1944)


 Robert Z. Leonard


 David Hertz (screen play by), Lenore J. Coffee (screen play by) (as Lenore Coffee)


 Lana Turner, James Craig, John Hodiak 
Robert Z. Leonard, who must have taken room and board at MGM, was the directorial hand behind this slight domestic drama. Lana Turner is the bride, John Hodiak the groom. James Craig is the odd man out, who pursues Turner when Hodiak is off fighting the war. Bored by domesticity, Turner welcomes Craig's attentions, but impending motherhood straightens out her priorities. Nearly two hours of celluloid are expended on a story that any other studio would have zipped out in seven reels. Marriage Is a Private Affair was based on a slightly steamier novel by Judith Kelly.

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