Maybe...Maybe Not (1994) DVD

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Maybe...Maybe Not (1994)


Sönke Wortmann


Sönke Wortmann (screenplay), Ralf König (comics "Der bewegte Mann" and "Pretty Baby")


Til Schweiger, Katja Riemann, Joachim Król
English subtitles
Much of the dialog in this very funny German film was taken directly from the two gay comic books by underground cartoonist Ralf Koenig on which the movie was based. Though the comics were written from a gay perspective, the film is slanted towards heterosexual couples. It tells the story of Axel, a handsome hunk with a taste for cheating on his girl friend Doro. When she throws him out, he ends up staying with his gay friend Norbert who is terribly attracted to Axel. Norbert is too shy to act upon his desire, and so, suffers in silence. Doro, upon visiting the two, becomes suspicious and wonders if Axel is also gay. Her suspicions about the naive Axel do not abate, even after her "shot-gun" wedding to him.


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