Outcasts of the Trail (1949) DVD

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Outcasts of the Trail (1949)


 Philip Ford


 Olive Cooper


 Monte Hale, Paul Hurst, Jeff Donnell
An above-average entry in Republic Pictures' fine Monte Hale series, this Western was directed by John Ford's nephew, Philip Ford. Hale stars as legendary lawman Pat Garrett, here winning the Fourth of July buckboard race in a small Nevada town against the unscrupulous Fred Smith (Ted Mapes) and pretty Lavinia White (Jeff Donnell). Lavinia blames Garrett for sending her pa, Ivory White (John Gallaudet), to jail for robbing 100,000 dollars. White, who has stashed the loot away someplace, is about to be released and plans to return the money to the express office for the sake of his children, Lavinia and Chad (Tommy Ivo). Nasty Jim Judd (Roy Barcroft), however, forces Lavinia to help him rob the coach carrying Ivory and the money, counting on the fact that White will keep quiet for his daughter's sake. Garrett's sudden appearance ruins the plan and Ivory is able to make good on his promise. Not about to say goodbye to a windfall, Judd breaks into the express office safe and takes off with the loot, kidnapping little Chad White along the way. The villain chooses a wagon loaded with explosive for his getaway vehicle, but the pursuing Garret manages to rescue the boy just as the wagon explodes. Hale, whose hero has absolutely nothing to do with the historical Garrett, is fine and even makes his crooning of {&"I Wish I Was a Boy Again"} seem less out of place than could be expected. But the studio's public enemy number one, Roy Barcroft, at his despicable best, easily steals the show, going as far as using spunky little Tommy Ivo to get what he wants. Close behind him is Hollywood's perennial undertaker, the cadaverous Milton Parsons, here playing a crooked express office clerk with a phony British accent. The comedy relief is provided by yet another veteran Bad Guy, Paul Hurst, as an absent-minded barber-dentist. 
Here is the link to the film at the Internet Movie database: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0041722/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

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