Parisian Love (1925) DVD

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Parisian Love (1925)


Louis J. Gasnier    


F. Oakley Crawford (story),  Lois Hutchinson (adaptation)    


Clara BowDonald KeithLillian Leighton
Marie (Bow) and Armand (Donald Keith) are two lovers who belong to a band of Apaches (members of the Parisian underworld, not the Native Americans). When they believe that wealthy scientist Pierre Marcel (Lou Tellegen) is away from his home, they go with another associate, Knifer (Jean deBriac), to burglarize it. But Marcel is home, and Armand stops Knifer from killing him. The grateful man protects Armand when the police show up. Knifer is killed and Marie escapes. Armand, who has been wounded, is nursed back to health by Marcel, and he goes on to lead an honest life. Marie sees Armand kissing another girl and she becomes bent on revenge. Armand goes away on business, and with the financial aid of the Apache leader (Otto Marieson), Marie poses as a convent-bred girl. She wins Marcel's love and marries him, only telling him of her plot after the ceremony is completed. Armand returns from London and she rushes to him. The Apaches, believing that they are being double-crossed, take a shot at her. Although she is wounded, she recovers. Marcel goes to America and arranges a divorce so that the two lovers can be together.

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