Plainsman and the Lady (1946) DVD

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Plainsman and the Lady (1946)


Joseph Kane (as Joe Kane)


Richard Wormser (screenplay), Michael Uris (original story)


Bill Elliott, Vera Ralston, Gail Patrick
The 87-minute running time of Plainsman and the Lady was evidence aplenty that this was no mere Republic B western. William Elliot (formerly and latterly "Wild Bill" Elliot) stars as cattleman Sam Cotten, who offers his services-and his six-guns-to the newly formed Pony Express. Erudite villain Peter Marquette (Joseph Schildkraut) is a rival stagecoach owner who'll stop at nothing to keep the mail from going through. Ordering his minions to disguise themselves as Indians, Marquette masterminds a series of bloody raids on the pony express riders. But Cotton, aided and abetted by grizzled sidekick Dringo (Andy Clyde) proves to be more than a match for the bad guy. The lady of the title is high-born Ann Arnesen, played by Queen of Republic Vera Ralston; she's decorative enough, but no match for her talented costar Gail Patrick, cast as Ann's sister and the despicable Marquette's wife.

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