Shadow Of The Law (1930) DVD

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Shadow Of The Law (1930)


Louis J. Gasnier (as Louis Gasnier)


Max Marcin (play), John A. Moroso (novel)


William Powell, Marion Shilling, Natalie Moorhead

In this suspenseful crime drama a woman is threatened by an angry husband and a man comes to her aid. Unfortunately, after he accidentally kills the husband, the woman flees the crime scene and he ends up imprisoned. While doing his time, he and his cell mate, a con artist, become friends. The con man helps the fellow escape. He then goes to a small town, changes his identity and gets a job as a mill worker. To make himself more anonymous, the fellow sticks his fingers in a milling machine to scrape off his fingerprints. Later, his cell-mate breaks out and the fellow sends him to New York to find the woman so she can help clear his name. Unfortunately, the woman has become a famous extortionist and immediately turns the con artist in to the cops. She then makes a beeline to the hapless millworker to begin blackmailing him. Unfortunately for her, he refuses to let her intimidate him and in the end proves his innocence and gets her arrested instead.

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