That Night In Rio (1941) DVD

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That Night In Rio (1941)


 Irving Cummings


 Rudolph Lothar (play), Hans Adler (play)


 Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Carmen Miranda
That Night in Rio is a musical remake of 1934's Folies BergèreDon Ameche plays a dual role as a middle-aged Brazilian industrialist, and a young Rio de Janeiro cabaret performer who looks just like him. The highlight of the entertainer's act is an imitation of the industrialist, which impresses the latter's associates. When the industrialist is unable to attend an important business conference, his lieutenants persuade the entertainer to take his place. The entertainer falls in love with the industrialist's wife (Alice Faye), treating her so gallantly that when the real husband returns, he decides to be more attentive to and appreciative of his spouse. Carmen Miranda is supposed to be playing the entertainer's jealous girlfriend, but she's really around just to let loose with such below-the-Equator hits as {&"Chica, Chica, Boom Chic."} The Rudolph Lothar/Hans Adler play on which That Night in Rio was based was given a third go round in 1951 as the Danny Kayevehicle On the Riviera.

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