The Magic of Lassie (1978) DVD

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The Magic of Lassie (1978)


 Don Chaffey


 Robert B. Sherman (story), Richard M. Sherman(story)


 James Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Pernell Roberts
This first Lassie film in nearly three decades (discounting the various feature-length compilations of Lassie TV episodes) is worth watching for its veteran cast. Lassie is legally wrested from freckled-faced Michael Sharrett by evil Pernell Roberts, who hopes that the kid's grandpa Jimmy Stewart will sell his valuable vineyards to "ransom" the dog. Roberts' scheme falls through, and Lassie makes her getaway, embarking upon a grueling trek to be reunited with her young master. Alice Faye, looking very well preserved, shows up to sing a song or two. Also contributing vocally are PAT BOONE and Debby Boone and The Mike Curb Congregation; even Stewart gets to sing (he hasn't improved much since his last singing role in Broadway Melody of 1936, but you gotta love him). About the only cast member in The Magic of Lassie who doesn't sing is Mike Mazurki.

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