The Perfect Clue (1935) DVD

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The Perfect Clue (1935)


 Robert G. Vignola (as Robert Vignola)


 Lolita Ann Westman (story), Albert DeMond(screenplay)


 David Manners, Richard 'Skeets' Gallagher, Dorothy Libaire
Still hanging on in 1935 despite several financial setbacks, brave little Majestic Pictures continued turning out such worthwhile programmers as The Perfect Clue. Eloping with boyfriend Ronnie Van Zandt (Skeets Gallagher), madcap heiress Mona Stewart (Dorothy Libaire) changes her mind about marriage and runs away from her fiancé. Mona hires a car in a small town, only to discover that her chauffeur, David Mannering (David Manners), is a hold-up man when he robs her and leaves her stranded in the middle of nowhere. Having a change of heart, David returns to Mona, promising to behave himself for the rest of the ride. This proves difficult when the mismatched couple gets mixed up in a murder case, with David winding up the prime suspect. The most amusing aspect of The Perfect Clue is that neither hero nor heroine are terribly bright; truth be told, they're both dumb as doornails. 

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