The Pride Of The Clan (1917) DVD

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The Pride Of The Clan (1917)


 Maurice Tourneur


 Elaine S. Carrington (scenario) (as Elaine Sterne), Charles E. Whittaker (scenario)


 Mary Pickford, Matt Moore, Warren Cook, Kathryn Browne Decker, Ed Roseman, Joel Day
The title may have been designed to cash in on the success of Griffith's Birth of a Nation (wherein the Ku Klux Klan were the heroes!), but Maurice Tourneur's Pride of the Clan was set not in the American South but in Scotland. Mary Pickford plays the daughter of a Scottish seaman. When her dad is lost at sea, Pickford becomes the unofficial head of the family--e.g. the "pride of the clan." But her clan isn't quite good enough to suit the snooty parents of her boy friend Tom Moore (Pickford's real-life brother-in-law), who demand that the couple break up. It takes a disaster at sea to pave the way for a happy ending. Future silent star Leatrice Joy has a miniscule bit in this 7-reel Mary Pickford vehicle.

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