The Scarlet Lady (1928) DVD

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The Scarlet Lady (1928)


 Alan Crosland


 Bess Meredyth (story and scenario)


 Lya De Putti, Don Alvarado, Warner Oland, Otto Matiesen, John Peters), Valentina Zimina
Lya, a beautiful Russian revolutionary, seeks refuge in the estate of Prince Nicholas, hiding under his bed from the brutal Cossacks. Nicholas finds her there and allows her to stay on at the palace where she serves as his major-domo. Nicholas and Lya fall in love, but Nicholas learns from his valet that Lya was once the mistress of Zaneriff, a hated Red leader. Denounced by Nicholas, Lya returns to her people and becomes a terrorist. When the Reds seize the palace, Nicholas disguises himself as a servant; Lya recognizes him but does not betray him to his unwitting captors. Nicholas' true identity is eventually discovered, and he is sentenced to be shot; Lya shoots Zaneriff instead and rescues Nicholas, escaping with him to freedom.

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